Fairy Tale Trials

The Law Day Fairy Tale project is an annual event presented by the Monroe County Bar Association's Law Day Fairy Tale Trial Committee. This year, 2019, will mark its twenty-seventh year.

Each year we present a mock trial to fifth and sixth grade school students in the county which is losely based on a popular fairy tale or superhero.

In 1996 we prosecuted Goldilocks for the burglary of the Bear home.  Thoughout the years our attorneys have taken popular cast of characters from the traditional fairy tales to superheroes to popular movies and have developed a fact pattern that will keep the attention of the students as well as provide them with a basic understanding of the courts. This year it's Toy Story!  And, yes, the attorneys and courthouse staff volunteers are in full costume!

The Monroe County Court of Common Pleas welcomes the students and allows us to use the courtrooms.  Over 250 students annually come and watch the trials first hand.  Several students are selected to act as a jury.  There is a better understanding of a criminal trial with the students, but occasionally we do present a civil complaint. At the end of the trial, the presiding judge talks with the students allowing time for questions.

The Monroe County Bar Association welcomes other bar associations to utilize the fact patterns as a baseline or with modifications to fit your audience. 

Partial Listing of Past Fairy Tale Trials:
1996- Commonwealth v B.B. Wolf-Homicide of two pigs and the attempted homicide of the third
1998- Vader v Boba Fett-Negligence and breach of contract
2000- Commonwealth v Certain Known Unnamed Pokemon Gang-Older kids cheating little kids out of Pokemon cards
2001- Eminem v Recording Academy-Illegal election (A take off on the Florida butterfly ballot)
2002- The Emperor v The Tailors-Consumer Rights and Contract Law
2004- Bumble v Olivanders-Product Liability
2005- Commonwealth v Malfoy-Criminal Assault
2006- Commonwealth v Malfoy-Criminal Assault
2007- Commonwealth v Robin Hood-Landlord Tenant
2008- Commonwealth v Robin Hood - Theft
2009- Gotham City v Batman
2010- United States v Goldilocks
2012- Bikini Bottom v Sheldon Plankton
2014- Mad Hatter v Alice
2015- Commonwealth v Gru
2016- Commonwealth v Han Solo
2017- Commonwealth v Joker
2018- Commonwealth v Skylar Wallace
2019 - Commonwealth v Prospector Pete