Wills for Heroes

The Monroe County Bar Association (MCBA) is pleased to support the Wills for Heroes program. This year Sophie Thompson-Best, a Life Scout with Troop 85G in Tannersville, PA, asked the MCBA if she could coordinate and host a WFH program as her Eagle Scout Project. After submitting her request to the appropriate scout officials and receiving approval, with the support of MCBA,  Miss Thompson-Best began the task of coordinating the event.  A major responsiblility is obtaining qualified attorney volunteers, wills and estate experts, notaries and witnesses as well as raising the funds needed to support this free program offered to qualified first responders.  Should you have questions regarding the event or the WFH program please email us at info2@monroebar.org.

Pre-registration is required.  For more information on how to register for this event, please click here

The Wills for Heroes program is offered throughout Pennsylvania.  To search for availablity at all locations, click here.